This is the website of irratia.com, a Basque-speaking multimedia journalistic experiment on new technologies wich consists of a weekly live radio show and this weblog. Here we write an excerpt on each week’s show and podcast it in mp3 format.

The irratia.com show is broadcasted live every wednesday at 13:00 Western European Time (GMT +1 in winter / GMT +2 in spring-summer) on Bilbo Hiria Irratia, a Basque speaking radio station based in Bilbao. We deal with everything related to the Internet, new technologies, music and social issues, focusing mainly in what we consider interesting for our small Basque-speaking community.

We are Patxi and Jabi at the microphones and sound technicians Ekaitz and Ibon at the control desk. You can get in touch with us by using this contact form.

We started on november 1, 2000, broadcasting a weekly live show and streaming six music channels from a static HTML website, (old website also available at archive.org) but a year after that we were forced to shut the channels down because we couldn’t afford paying for them. The project was quite stalled until november 2004, when we decided to turn the website into a weblog (we are bloggers ourselves), and broadcast only a weekly show from Bilbo Hiria, a local Basque-speaking radio station which covers the metropolitan area of Bilbao (96.0 FM). This station also broadcasts its live stream on the Internet, so our show can be listened live from anywhere in the world.

We also thought it would be a great idea to record the shows in mp3 format, upload them to our website and create a new entry for each show with some links to the websites we mention and a link to the mp3 file. So, this is how we started podcasting without even knowing what a podcast was.

In our shows we use Skype to get instant feedback from our listeners and to do live interviews with our guests. Our username on Skype is bilbohiria.

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